About Crumbs

Since opening in October 2021, Crumbs has quickly made its mark in Perth, evolving into a community hub where people come together to delight over delicious pastries, cakes and desserts.

Using the highest quality ingredients and seasonal produce, each product in their cabinet is carefully designed, baked and curated by hand.

Crumbs are continuously innovating and developing new products, stepping outside traditional pastry comfort zones to ensure there is something new and exciting to delight your taste buds each time you visit.

  • The Crumbs Vibe

    Our vibe is simple yet elaborate. Using traditional recipes but pushing the boundaries. In Crumbs’ terms, it’s that perfect balance between creating the conventional plain croissant and rebelling tradition to create a fully loaded croissant with the whole shebang.

  • The Crumbs Fam

    The family and community she became a part of is what Julia loved most about the European hospitality culture. From being in the kitchen with her grandparents, to working in kitchens all across Europe, it’s this sense of community that she aspires to create at Crumbs; a hub where people come together and enjoy a coffee and a pastry on the regular.

  • The Crumbs Standard

    When it comes to quality, there is no compromise. The best – and only the best – ingredients are used at Crumbs. If produce isn’t up to standard, Julia will create a whole new product using fresh and higher quality ingredients. Crumbs also adapt their menu seasonally to ensure they are meeting their quality standard by changing produce with what’s in season.

  • The Crumbs Artistry

    Crumbs thrive on originality. Continuously changing their menu, combining recipes and creating new products. That’s the thing about pastry – it’s a science, but there is also the opportunity for creativity and innovation. It’s what makes Crumbs, Crumbs. Julia loves the challenge of stepping outside her comfort zone and you can guarantee there will always be something new and exciting to delight your taste buds each time you visit.

    Let us introduce you to the dream team.

Meet Julia (aka Boss Lady)

Owner & Head Pastry Chef
Born and raised in Perth with a strong, italian heritage, Julia’s love affair with the kitchen was destined from an early age. After completing a four year Pastry chef apprenticeship at Joondalup Resort, Julia successfully graduated from North Metropolitan Tafe in 2016. During this time, Julia was selected to be part of the Australian Culinary team where she traveled globally, competing as a Pastry Chef for Australia and honing her culinary skills.
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    It was when in Europe that Julia truly fell in love with the Michelin food scene. She discovered the European appreciation and passion for food, unlike anything she had experienced in Australia. People were knowledgeable of fine dining and would come far and wide to enjoy exquisite food. However, above all, Julia found a fondness for the tight knit community that working in European hospitality enveloped.

    Whilst in Germany completing in the culinary Olympics, Julia was contacted by The Fat Duck in England, a 3-star Michelin restaurant run by celebrity chef proprietor Heston Blumenthal. What began as a three-day trial, led to a permanent job.

    The Fat Duck houses 30 chefs from all different cultures and from all across the world. Together, the chefs work in the one kitchen to prepare and serve food to their restaurant that sits just 42 people at each lunch and dinner sitting. As a part of this team, Julia developed her skills and learnt the grittiness and mental discipline required to work long hours preparing high-quality, Michelin-style food.

    In her business today, Julia uses the influence of her travels and places of work. Each product in her cabinet represents a memory, a relationship, an experience, a person or a place she has visited.

    Julia loves being hands-on in her business, being involved and interacting with her customers. She aspires to grow the business in a respectful, gourmet manner that allows her to continue this hands-on involvement, while also having the time to create and explore new recipes. As for her favourite product, Julia loves any Choux product, but the pistachio choux is her absolute fav!